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K. Lipsey... The Discography

AllMusic.com Profile

Lil Haze

Artist: Lil Haze
Album (Label): Doin’ Da Most (Birmingham Entertainment)
Credits: Marketing and Distribution Manager
Best Moment: The Mid-Atlantic promo tour that included Lil Haze performing at the CIAA tournament in Charlotte, NC. His energy is contagious and fans love him. Album’s featured artists: Ray J, Dorrough, Rich Boy, and Ying Yang Twins.

Vick Allen

Artist: Vick Allen
Album (Label): Truth Be Told… (Soul 1st Records)
Credits: Writer / Producer
Best Moment: It’s always an honor to work with Vick. He’s one the most humble and gifted artists I know. He’s a good friend and mentor. Definitely keep an ear out for his sound…you won’t be disappointed.

Human Nature

Group: Human Nature
Album (Label): Motor City Collection (Sony)
Credits: Vocal Engineer
Best Moment: This is one the highlights of my career. Besides this phenomenal group from Australia, I was able to work with “The Temptations” and Benjamin Wright. The recording sessions were simply amazing. They are currently one of the featured on the Las Vegas strip... "Smokey Robinson Presents - Human Nature." It is a must see!

Madi B.

Artist: Madi B.
Album (Label): Street G.E.D. (Anytime Records)
Credits: Marketing and New Media Manager
Best Moment: Madi’s single “My Money’s Long” shot up the radio airwaves and gained him a performance at the NBA All Star Weekend in Las Vegas.

Vick Allen

Artist: Vick Allen
Album (Label): Baby Come Back Home (Waldoxy Records)
Credits: Writer / Producer
Best Moment: This was my first Vick Allen project and we connected from beat 1. One idea led to another and before I knew it, we were finishing the song.  


Artist: Jewman
Album (Label): Jew2 (Wall Group)
Credits: Label Rep and Digital Editing
Best Moment: One word, “HOT.” This cat jumped out the box with the anthem “Swagg featuring Lil Boosie” before it became a fad. He toured with Lil Wayne as the opening act in the summer of 2006. He held his own, ripping every city along the way. This is still one my favorite albums.

David Sea

Artist: David Sea
Album (Label): Love Makes the World Go Round (Park Place)
Credits: Recording and Mixing Engineer
Best Moment: Ridiculous vocals! He came to studio fresh off the road with The Temptations and his powerful vocals blew the diaphragm in my favorite mic. So I got a chance to pick his brain about life while we waited a new mic. I kept the damaged mic as a trophy.

Ernest J. Lee

Artist: Earnest J. Lee
Album (Label): The Renaissance (Juana Records)
Credits: Mixing Engineer
Best Moment: The industry named this artist the next Kirk Franklin. I had no idea what to expect, but I instantly became a fan. Once I got into the project and actually listened to the lyrics, I was inspired.

Eddie Ruth Bradford

Artist: Eddie Ruth Bradford
Album (Label): Saved By Grace (Juana Records)
Credits: Engineer and Video Director
Best Moment: Working with Ms. Bradford was one of the easiest assignments I’ve taken. From the studio sessions to the video, it was all a breeze. Once you’ve heard her voice, you will not forget it.

Larome Powers

Artist: Larome Powers
Album (Label): What’s Life Without Love (Waldoxy Records)
Credits: Writer, Producer, Arranger, and Engineer
Best Moment: Listening to Uncle Rome’s stories. The project was under a tight deadline and studio time was scarce. We spent a lot of long nights in the studio to stay on schedule. The staff at the Waffle House got to know us very well.

Mel Waiters

Artist: Mel Waiters
Album (Label): Throw Back Days (Waldoxy Records)
Credits: Engineer
Best Moment: Mel is a self-contained artist so it was a breeze. After each session, he would treat the whole crew dinner…and a "Half Pint." LoL

Floyd Taylor

Artist: Floyd Taylor
Album (Label): No Doubt (Malaco Records)
Credits: Writer, Producer, Arranger, Engineer, and BG Vocals
Best Moment: Where do I start? A group a tourist stopped by the studio while we were mixing and a woman broke into tears when she heard “Here’s A Flower.” On a warm summer day some of my neighbors were having a cookout "We're Goin' Stepping" came on radio. A group of them jumped up and yelled, "That's my song!" What a feeling. Did I fail to mention he sounds a lot like his father, Johnny Taylor?

Mississippi Mass Choir

Group: Mississippi Mass Choir
Album (Label): Not By Might Nor By Power (Malaco Records)
Credits: Engineer
Best Moment: The live recording itself was an event. From the beginning of sound check to the last person leaving the venue, it was pure energy. Just being a part of the whole process was a thrill.

Gospel Legends

Group: Various Artists
Album (Label): Gospel Legends (Malaco Records)
Credits: Overdub and Post Mix Engineer
Best Moment: I was able to work with the “Who’s Who” of gospel music on one project. Legends of yesterday and today…Harvey Watkins, Jr., Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Dottie Peoples, Bobby Jones, Williams Brothers, and the list goes on and on.

Marvin Sease

Artist: Marvin Sease
Album (Label): Playa Haters (Malaco Records)
Credits: Engineer
Best Moment: I recorded in the world famous “Muscle Shoals Sound Studio” with the award winning “Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.” This studio and its players have so much history…The Staple Singers, Bob Seger, Johnny Taylor, Bobby Womack, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, and…well, you get the point.

Shirley Brown

Artist: Shirley Brown
Album (Label): Woman Enough (Malaco Records)
Credits: Intern
Best Moment: My first Malaco Records project under the direction of my mentor, “Wolf” Stephenson. And who would think it would be the great “Ms. Shirley Brown.” Mary J. talks about this lady! She is hilarious…she kept us laughing. In her voice, “Baby what’s your name again?” LoL

Canton Soul Children

Group: Canton Soul Children
Album (Label): Canton Gospel Soul Children (Madi Gras)
Credits: Vocals
Best Moment: The first “CD” I ever purchased. I didn’t anything to play it on. LoL Now CD’s are almost obsolete. This was the group’s second project which was featured in the movie, A Time to Kill. I’ll never forget the first time I heard my voice on the radio!