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Mississippi Po Boy is available on iTunes

Welcome to THE TREATMENT... The Session

Thank you for your continued support... Welcome to The Treatment.

The Treatment is a collection of experiences, touching on love, lust, and loyalty – or the lack of. The journey of life is amazing and I’ve learned to embrace it, whether good or bad. In recent years I’ve visited the highs and lows of human emotions and those feelings were often shared with family and friends. However, one particular person, we’ll just call her “The Doctor,” with the leather couch and Victoria Secret candles in her office or what she calls her office. I really liked that office. I’m sorry, I drifted for a minute - back to what I was saying… The Doctor and I were able to connect on a totally different level...Pure Chemistry. With her I was comfortable and confident, yet vulnerable. And after several months of heated sessions (we’ll discuss the sessions another time), she suggested that I put my feelings on paper. So I did… And those papers became songs. And those songs evolved into THE TREATMENT. 

The first single to introduce the album is poetically titled, "Trouble." This is an upbeat, energetic song about fighting the temptations of a woman he calls Trouble. It is well produced and thoughtfully written. Lipsey starts the second verse with a clever catch phrase…“The daughter of the devil but the same time an angel dressed down in white.” As “Let’s Make Love” plays; this smooth, vocal driven track sets the mood and the title says the rest. The song is sexy and soulful, and should be on every mood setting mix tape as a deal closer. 

On a more personal note, “Mississippi Po Boy” is a tribute to single mothers; an emotional song about his upbringing and being a momma-raised-son. “If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll know who I am and why I am, who I am. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this story. No matter where you’re from, there’s a Mississippi Po Boy in everyone who’s been through it.” 
The Treatment is setting the mood and reintroducing, “Grown & Sexy.”